A to Z of aerobics for beginners

"5,6,7,8" and that’s how the first few seconds of your life are going to sound like when you start aerobics. Aerobics is a great first step for beginners if you have been wondering that maybe you are turning lazy! Any type of exercise that increases the inflow of oxygen in your body is a form of aerobics, be it swimming, dancing, walking, running, kickboxing, etc.

Feeling lazy

Aerobics requires low-intensity exercises and gradually elevates to high-intensity exercise. It is observed that all the fitness experts often recommend aerobics for beginners to kick off with their workout routine.

How can Aerobics help you?

Aerobic group exercise

Feels refreshing:

Imagine that you have been working out and it has been more than 30 mins of continuous exercise, you take a water break and as you pause you feel blood gushing through your veins and your heart pumping, you are out of breath and sweating like anything, and despite all of this you feel satisfied to the core - feels refreshing doesn't it? Aerobics is not only refreshing but has more benefits to offer.

Weight loss:

Let’s begin by talking about people who want to lose weight and cannot go to a proper gym due to any given reasons, they can never go wrong with aerobics. It helps you lose weight gradually within a few weeks.

Mental health:

We all have a basic idea about how aerobics is beneficial for physical health but let's not forget that mental health is something that cannot be ignored. When you start with Aerobics it will help you in improving your mental health. We as normal people have to deal with so many things in life. Every place we go to is so chaotic. Poor thing - your mind never gets the time to rest peacefully!

We know that there cannot be a day where you don’t feel frustrated or mad about something that did not go well. We go through thousands of emotions every day so rather than projecting it out negatively we can channel it into something productive. Aerobics is the perfect way to channel your frustration into a productive workout.

Aerobics with ball

Helps with depression and anxiety:

It is also said that aerobics can help you out with postpartum depression and anxiety. Postpartum depression and anxiety are much ignored mental issues and annually more than 12-13 million women suffer from it. Gynecologists have recommended that picking up group aerobics classes help with the postpartum depression and anxiety. That is not it, aerobics also helps women with increasing the stamina and to tone the abdominal area. For more clarity about postpartum exercise, you can have a look at this short clip to understand how you can initiate the process.

Improves life expectancy:

For people whole have reached middle age and think that their body is left with no hope for movement, we have a piece of good news for you, taking up aerobics is hugely recommended by all the health experts to resume working out. People who have diabetes or blood pressure problems before taking any decision consulting your doctor and go with whatever he or she tells you. Maintaining a regular workout routine can also help in improving your life expectancy.

6 tips to start-off with Aerobics:

Aerobics for beginners can become a challenge as they don’t have the right tips to follow. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! There are certain things that you need to know before you get there and start moving those muscles vigorously.

Start off slowly, let your body adapt

Your body needs time to adapt to this new physical activity. An ideal way is to start with 1-2 days and then gently increase the number of days. Being a beginner, this will give your body the time to adapt in its own pace. Aerobics is a form of exercise which accelerates gradually. Therefore, starting slow is important. Jumping into five days a week of tough routine as a newbie will only end up result in pulling up of your muscles.

Design your fitness routine

Every soul is unique and so is every-body! Your body is different than others and your bodily needs are also different. To fulfill your body’s requirements you need to design your routine on your own. Ask your fitness experts and take his/her tips do a little bit of research and try out the new things that you find out. Knowing which form of aerobics is fit for you is important. Whether you need step aerobics, dance aerobics or a routine that has a little bit of everything. Deciding upon a routine can be confusing why not begin with dance aerobics as it is fun super light.

Join an Aerobics class

Doing these exercises alone might make you feel lonely and less movitating. Therefore, joining a class can help you make some workout buddies. For all the people who are new to the freaky workout world, joining an aerobics class could help you find your way around as you will be there with an instructor to supervise and guide you as you exercise.

Plenty of warm-up

Suppose today is the day when you have decided to kick off with some aerobics moves and as soon as you start you pull a muscle…ouch! Hmm…now why did that happen? Let's wonder, it seems like you forgot to warm your body up. Yes! Warming up is very important. When you warm up your body it is like you are prepping it up for some intense activity. You can warm up by:

  1. Stretching
  2. Spot-jogging
  3. Other light exercises

Don't overdo your warm-ups as it might take all your energy and leave you exhausted. Just remember that you don’t turn your warm-up into a whole workout.

Stay Hydrated:
Drinking water is very important not only during workouts but also generally. There is a rule regarding drinking water while working out i.e ‘SIP it, do not GULP it’. Exactly drinking up the entire bottle right after your first set is not at all a good idea. If you do that then your stomach will end up in cramps. To check if you well hydrated, notice the color of your pee - it should be not be yellow.

Be Regular:
Starting with Aerobics, beginners might feel very tired on the first day and also be under cramps but that doesn't mean that you skip the next class. Skipping workouts should always be off the table and even if you do so make sure you make up for it. Fitness is all about being consistent. Consistency is something that will get you the results. There are so many good things waiting for you once you are regular.


Checklist of items:

Now there is one last thing left to talk about. How could we not discuss the essential things you will be needing for the exercise session? When you hit your workout place or your gym class you need to carry a few things.

Given below are the things which should be present in your workout kit:

Gym/Workout clothes:
If you think you can wear anything to the aerobics class then it’s a big no-no. You need to wear proper workout clothes. Something comfortable and stretchy. Loose synthetic tees and stretchable pants are best for working out.

Nike Gym Dress

Explore a wider range of synthetic tees and stretchable pants on Naayos.com

Owning a shoe which is fit for your feet is very important. The shoes also determine your level of comfort. The footwear you choose for workouts should be completely different from what you use for a daily basis. Also, this shoe should only be used for workout purpose otherwise the shoe will wear out faster. If you wanna learn more about choosing the correct shoe you can read this blog athletic shoes.

Sipper bottle:
Staying hydrated is very important. We know this has been mentioned before but you gotta remember the rule; ‘SIP it, do not GULP it’. To follow this rule you need to make sure that you carry a bottle with a small mouth. Sipper bottles are the best and most recommended for exercise. They have a very small opening and do not let you drink all the water at once.

adidas sipper bottle


Sweating out is fine but staying in sweat is not. Carrying a small towel with yourself is necessary. A towel should be soft and should not give you rashes with its usage. Never share a towel with anyone unless you wanna share each other's germs. But on a serious note sharing a towel can result in skin diseases, therefore, stay safe and own one yourself.

Gym bag:
This is the place where you will be fitting all your stuff. The more your stuff bigger the bag. This can be any bag. But style is something you would wanna miss upon, right? Don’t you want to enter that aerobics session with some style? A cool Duffle bag or training bag will make you rock your workout look. Why don’t you check out a few of these here on Naayos.com 

It is always recommended to let your feet breathe before and after workouts. Slippers are easy-breezy and super comfy. We have a huge collection at https://naayos.com/ for slippers which have been curated for the needs of your feet. Slippers allow your feet to take up their space and help get rid of all the heat after the workout.

When you are at your workout class there is always that one person who smells awful when they start sweating. Oh gosh, it is unbearable! Or wait…are you that smelly cat? Don’t worry even if your secret has been busted. A simple solution is to carry a roll-on deodorant. Roll on deos by Nivea or Rexona are best suits for post-workout odors.

Yoga Mat/ Aerobic step:
A yoga mat or an aerobic step any one of them will do the work. For Aerobics beginners, it is suggested to start with the mat and then gradually start using the aerobics step. A yoga mat will confine your area and also protect you from sliding off and falling hence, it is highly recommended for your workout.

- Simran

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